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devRant Community-Created Extensions & Projects

Here's a list of all of the projects, built on the devRant platform, that have been kindly created by the awesome devRant community. If you have a project you built on the devRant platform that's missing from here, please email and we will add it! Please note that all of these projects are unofficial apps and are maintained by community members.

Any projects here that are open source and on GitHub appreciate further contributions from the community, so feel free to contribute to any you want!

Web App in Interactive JSON Format (jsRant) [ website | GitHub ]: Navigate the devRant feed in JSON format. Perfect for browsing devRant at work while making it look like you're being productive!

Windows 10 UWP App [ Microsoft Store ]: The first devRant Windows 10 client!

Slack Bot [ GitHub | Beep Boop (for install) ]: Integrates with Slack so you can share your favorite devRant moments in any of your channels.

Desktop Client [ GitHub ]: Built using the Electron framework and wraps the live feed from the web version of devRant and gives it to you as a desktop app.

Analyzer [ GitHub ]: Gives a basic preview and a structure of an AngularJs project that uses the basic devRant API.

JavaScript API Wrapper [ GitHub, NPM ]: JavaScript wrapper/NPM module for the devRant public API.

Pebble Watchface [ GitHub, Pebble App Store ]: devRant watchface for Pebble.

App Chrome Extension [ Chrome Web Store ]: Quickly browse devRant from Chrome without having to open up a new webpage/tab.

App Firefox Extension [ Firefox Add-ons ]: Quickly browse devRant from Firefox without having to open up a new webpage/tab.

Notifier Chrome Extension [ GitHub, Chrome Web Store ]: This extension will send you a notification whenever a new rant has been posted on devRant.

Terminal Viewer [ GitHub ]: A devRant viewer in the terminal.

WordPress Plugin [ WordPress Plugins ]: Display devRant rants in your WordPress sidebar or content.

Facebook Messenger Bot [ GitHub ]: devRant Facebook Messenger bot.

Java API Wrapper [ GitHub ]: Java implementation/wrapper of devRant api.

Menu Bar App [ GitHub ]: A simple menu bar app to read rants.

Golang API Wrapper [ GitHub ]: A Golang wrapper for the devRant API.

Crystal API Wrapper [ GitHub ]: A Crystal wrapper for devRant API.

devRant-inspired Game [ Website to play/info | GitHub | Rant with details ]: A fun devRant inspired game created as a collab from a few members of the community.