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    I am more thankful to StackOverFlow and Google than I am to my university.

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    Welcome to devRant! And if you become a devRanter I am confident devRant will join you list. 😀
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    @Jumpshot44 I hope it will be.
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    n youtbube
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    @hilpitome That's true, until you run into the tutorial videos where the person recording types out everything on notepad because they don't have a Mic.
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    Uni teaches you how to code, Google and stackoverflow helped you solve single problems. I personally think that you need both...
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    @gashadokuro still they are trying to help you be thankful
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    Definitely good to know.

    -Freshman CS major
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    @gashadokuro Actually, I think they are typing instead of speaking mostly because their spoken English is not so good, and there's a good chance you wouldn't understand.
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    @PythonRam I would've been more thankful for something spoken than waiting for them to type out a sentence, backspace most of it just to correct one word. There's better sources than those and THAT is what I'm thankful for
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    I am drop out college student and I'm working as mid developer for bank
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    Could not agree more, lecture slides? Why use them when we have Google and StackOverflow?
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