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  • Top advice you'd give to a new dev?
    Week 26 Group Rant
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    Never enter rude / swear words as test data.
    At some point you'll forget they are in there until they show up in a client demo.
    I say this from experience!

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    I've learned this the hard way, when my test data read twat and cunt and later forgot it was there. :-/
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    When I found this out the hard way my boss issued the immortal line:
    "You've spelt gonads wrong."
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    I did this with my password once. Was testing some SSH stuff with my actual password in the code (plain text) and planned to remove before pushing. Well, I forgot and during a demo with my coworkers I had to scramble to revert the merge, fix it, and get it out of the history so I could re push it. Not. Good.
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    All of this. Remain professional at all times and you'll never have a problem
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    I used to work at Mindgeek.

    At one point ~2 million people's usual content became completely filled with swear words and insults because someone swapped my dev database for the live one for some reason.

    They fixed it while I was getting my review ๐Ÿ™„
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    Hahaha best advice so far.
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    That's why I only use Meow and other cat words in test. Mainly because cats are cool too
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    Mr test
    42 testroad
    Testville TE4 2ST
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    @DarkMukke I've come to chew bubble gum and do tests, and I'm all out of bubble gum
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    @DarkMukke how about testicles?
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    @enen test tickles
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    It's always better to have funny test data. Better on your own conscious/mood, and you won't have to worry about stuff like that happening.
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    I swear in comments only. ๐Ÿ™Š
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    omg made my day
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    Yeah I had a presentation yesterday, the address that showed up was 'iamoutofideas road 5'. The client chuckled :)
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    Lol I had an error dialog pop up with "ohhh shit!" During a demo once. It got a good laugh :)
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