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    I've been slowly increasing the size of my tech manager's mouse cursor over the last month when he leaves his computer unlocked. It's about an inch tall now and he hasn't noticed yet. Everyone else in the office does and it's the best thing ever.

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    Best prank ever!
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    So evil! Good going...
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    There is a prank that adds sleep 1 to bashrc each time the shell is loaded, so the time the user waits increases linearly. It's quite fun. :)
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    Wow 13 away from a stress ball. My guess is that it stops at 149.
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    here, have my ++
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    @Unskipp you're too kind
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    @silhoutte you did it!!
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    This reminds me of how eBay slowly changed their background color from yellow to white.. They initially changed it right away and got a negative response so instead they reverted to yellow and wrote a script to gradually change the color from yellow to white over one year and no one noticed :)
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    @vladshablinsky, isn't that the exact same behaviour of the windows registry? 😱
    Windows might then just be a giant prank in the end with Bill Gates going all "ha-ha" on us...
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    @silhoutte not sure if you saw it, but I sent you an email about this rant, please check and let me know what you think if you don't mind :)
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